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Hands On Therapy Concepts®

Hands On Therapy Continued Education

Model of Practice
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Hands On Therapy Concepts® Certificate course on 

Ayres Sensory Integration® 
Theory,Assessment and Therapy...
Total Contact Hours:150
(Lectures,Seminars,Demonstration,Mentoring,Hands On..)
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Qualified and registered Occupational Therapist


  • Venue:Hands On Therapy Center,Mulund, Hands On Therapy Clinic,Dombivali
Demand draft in Favor of "HANDS ON THERAPY CONCEPTS"Payable at Mumbai
Application Procedure
  • submit a letter of intent
  • email for application form at
  • after approval letter from HOTC pay tution fees



Year 2009
No of workshops-5
Hours- 30+30+30+8+2+4
No of participants -130
No.of international courses -4
International Participants- 8
Year 2008
No. of workshops= 3
Hours = 11.5
One parent workshop at Thane
Year 2007
No.of International Courses = 5
Domestic course = 1
Tatal no. of participants = 211
International participants = 2
Total Hours of teaching = 95
Total No of days = 16
One parent workshop at Pune
Year 2006
Total No. of courses = 4
All domestic
Total No of participants attended = 100
Total No of days = 7
Total No of hours = 53
One parent workshop at Thane