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Hands On Therapy Concepts®

Hands On Therapy Center

Model of Practice
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Services offered

·        Occupational therapy

·        Ayres Sensory Integration® Therapy

·        Pune Shoulder rehabilitation programme (PSRP)

·        Hand Therapy and hand splinting

·        Handwriting improvement programme

·        Physical therapy

·        Neurodevlopmental therapy

·        Electrotherapy

·        Back care programme

·        Improve my posture programme

·        Theraband® exercises

·        Swiss ball exercises

·        Kinesio Taping

·        Psychological testing – IQ, SQ, Personality testing, Learning Disability Evaluation

·        Special education

·        Group therapy

·        Summer camp for special children

·        Summer Camp for normal children

·        Parent support group

·        Paediatric rehabilitation

·        Computerised developmental testing

·        Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT)

·        Homeopathy

·        Acupressure

·        Orthotics

·        Therapists’ Continued Education

Summer Camp for the special children
  • everyday 2 hours
  • total seven days
  • one teacher 6 children(maximum)
  • veriety of activities focusing on different areas of development
  • mainly group activities
  • first bactch completed - five children
  • next batch staring form 21st may,2008

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