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USC/WPS Comprehensive Program in Sensory Integration


Dear All,

This is to inform you that, we are organizing Comprehensive Program in Sensory Integration offered by University of Southern California /Western Psychological Services, USA 

The University of Southern California Department of Occupational Science and Therapy together with Western Psychological Services presents this training program in sensory integration consisting of four 5-day courses.

Presented by eminent occupational therapists who are experts in Sensory Integration Theory and Practice, this four-course series offers the most thorough and practical sensory integration training in the world. It covers sensory integration theory, assessment, interpretation, and intervention. Based on scientific evidence and clinical reasoning, course content teaches participants how to apply sensory integration principles in multiple settings to treat various problems, including learning and behavior disorders, attention deficits, autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and developmental delays.

Course I: The Sensory Integration Perspective

May 28 through June 1, 2007,                      Instructed by: Susanne Smith Roley

The "Perspective" course provides both an overview of sensory integration and in-depth information on its theoretical foundations, basic science supporting the theory, and implications for practice. It examines the functional contributions of individual sensory systems, praxis, and their impact on everyday activities. This information is used to identify deviations from typical sensory integration and praxis abilities, and to provide insight into methods used in sensory integration intervention.
Learning Objectives
following the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the different sensory systems and their contributions to daily life
  • Identify the basic principles of sensory integration
  • List several sensory strategies that can be used at home, in school,
         and in the community to enhance function;
  • Explain to clients the relationship of sensory integration to typical and
         atypical development;
  • Describe the roles of the individual sensory systems in human activity;
  • Discuss praxis and its role in performance and behavior;
  • Relate the spectrum of sensory integrative functions to occupation.

Course IV: Sensory Integration Intervention

June 4-8, 2007,                                                           Instructed by: Erna Blanche

The "Intervention" course provides clinical reasoning strategies for designing and implementing intervention using a sensory integration frame of reference
Courses are open to occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech and language pathologists.

Learning Objectives
following this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Use clinical reasoning skills to interpret behaviors that might have a sensory
         integrative base
  • Plan and provide intervention programs for children with sensory integrative dysfunction
  • Explain the rationale behind the use of an activity to facilitate adaptive responses
  • Explain the relationship of an adaptive response to a child's occupational engagement
  • Implement intervention with a wide variety of pediatric disabilities from a sensory integrative frame of reference
  • Implement sensory strategies in various settings, including home, school, and

Completion of all four 5-day courses leads to Certification in Sensory Integration

(Note: We will be only offering Course I & IV in May/June, 2007)




Submit the application form with following before 30th October, 2006

  1. Application Fees: INR 750/-(Non Refundable)
  2. Copy of professional licensure (cert., registration)
  3. Letter of intent- Please write on a separate sheet of paper, your reasons for applying for this course.  Include how and where you plan to apply the knowledge and other related information.
  4. Recommendation letter
  5. Biodata

After screening of the application forms admission letter will be sent to the eligible participants by 30th November, 2006.The application will be reviewed based on the years and breadth of experience, the breadth and number of previous education courses (advanced degrees and continuing education courses) and the geographic representation.

After receipt of admission letter, tuition fees should be paid.

Tuition fee: INR 55,000/-+ Service Tax Extra (12.5%)


Tuition Fee Due date: 15th January, 2007

Address for correspondence: Hemant P. Nandgaonkar, B-302, Heritage Holy, Mulund West, Mumbai -400080.

Demand Draft in Favor of “Nandgaonkar’s Therapy Services”

For more details log on to:

Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Thanking you,



Loganathan Guruswamy                                                            Nandgaonkar Hemant

Course Coordinator                                                                  Course Coordinator


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Position:  (Supervisor, Staff, Etc.)__________________________________

How long have you worked in your present job? _______________________

Are you employed:  Full Time________ Part Time________?



Total years experience as therapist ___________________________________________

Total years full-time experience in pediatrics____________________________________

Total years part-time experience in pediatrics___________________________________

Describe any prior courses or training you have had regarding Sensory Integration Therapy or any other Pediatric therapy (e.g.; NDT):  Use additional pages if needed.


Are other staff members at our facility trained in Sensory Integration Therapy?  Yes______ No______


I agree that the above information is true and correct, and I agree to all of the terms and conditions contained herein, and intend to be bound thereby.

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