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Society For Hand Therapy,India

Activity Report
Activities of Society For Hand Therapy, India

1. First meeting for the formation of Hand Therapy Society on 14th January 2007 at Hotel Tip Top Plaza, Thane


2. First Affiliation with IFSHT - January 2008 (Certificate Attached)


3. Course on Physical Agent Modalities by Payal Katyal and Arun Maiya in February 2009


4.Registration of the Society for Hand Therapy, India under Society Act at the Charity Commissioner office, Mumbai – September 2009


5. Website was launched in October, 2009

URL: https://hotc4u.tripod.com/isht/


6. Permement Account Number for the Society was obtained – January 2010


7. Nationawide Network established in January 2010


8. First Newsletter for the Society for Hand Therapy, India was published in November, 2009


9. Course on “Recent Advances in management of Elbow” was conducted by Shrikant Chinchalkar in December, 2009


10. February 2010 website for the First National Conference of Hand Therapy 2010 was launched

URL: http://indianhands2010.webs.com/


11. Course on Physical Agent Modalities in Upper Exteremity Rehabilitation was conducted by Supriya Sakpal, Prabhakar Chavan and Bhavesh Shah in May 2010 (Photogaph attached)


12. Delegate Council Meeting of International Federation at the 8th Triennial Hand Therapy Conference at Orlando, Florida, USA was attended by Hemant Nandgaonkar in June 2010

Report Attached


13. Scientific Paper presentation at the 8th Triennial Conference 2010 by Hemant Nandgaonkar


14. General Body Meeting in July 2010 at Lion Bapa Tarachand Hospital, Sion


15. Collaborated with Handicap International for the training by German Hand Therapist to be conducted in year 2011. Key Contributions by Tony Thomas (Gujrat), Shovan Saha (Karnataka)


16. Second Newsletter for the Public Awareness released in July 2010


17. Management of the accounts by Mugdha Wagh Shaan


18. Membership Card for all the members coordination by Prabhakar Chavan (Mumbai), Shalaka Nandgaonkar


19. Designing of the Certificates, Banner for the National Conference and courses by Shalaka Nandgaonkar


20. Management of the conference and course venue, accomodation by Amol Sangekar, Mugdha Wagh Shaan, Shashikant Chandanshive


21. Valuable and timely advice by Shrikant Chinchalkar,Kavita Mulgaonkar and Snehal Desai


22. Appointment of the new advisor Manisha Sharma in September 2010


23. Compilation and Editing of Activity Repot 2010 by Nandgaonkar Hemant


24. Representaion at the annual AIOTA national conference 2010 by Amol Sangekar, Shovan Saha for the awareness. Banner and stall donated by Shovan Saha, Occupational Therapy Department, MAHE, Manipal


25. Donation for the silent auction at 8th Triennial Hand Therapy conference 2010 at Florida by Shovan Saha, Snehal Desai and Hemant Nandgaonkar






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