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Society For Hand Therapy,India

Hand Therapy Certification (2nd Batch)


Society for Hand Therapy is proud to announce the Certification Examination in Hand Therapy. The purpose of the conducting certification examination is to enhance the professional standard, to ensure safety and utmost care for the hand injured patient. The aim is to bring about uniformity in the hand therapy services received by clients in our country.

Date of examination: 21st September, 2013 (Saturday)

Venue: Pune (Details will be informed to eligible candidate later)

Time: Afternoon (Details will informed to registered candidates).

Registration Begins: 27th May, 2013.

Registration Ends: 27th August, 2013.

Examination fees: Rs. 2500 (For SHT members), Rs. 3500 (For Non SHT members)

Demand draft in favor of “Soceity for Hand Therapy” payable at Mumbai.

Eligible candidate will be informed in First week of September, 2013.

The examination is open for all registered Occupational and Physical Therapist from India.

Following are details about the examination.

Type of questions: Single best resposne (Multiple choice question)

Number of Questions: 200

Total Marks: 200

Total duration: 3 hours

Passing percentage: 75

Who will set the questions:

The questions will be set by committee of experts in Hand and upper extremity rehabilitation appointed by the Society for Hand Therapy, India.

After declaration of the results, the therapist will be awarded “ISHT certified Hand Therapist”. His/ her name will be published on website. The therapists name will circulated to all the places where hand therapy services are required.


The questions asked will be based on “IFSHT Hand Therapy Practice Profile.” IFSHT is an international organisation and IFSHT stands for The International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy. For more details on IFSHT Hand Therapy Practice Profile, please visit, www.ifsht.org.

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What documents I have to attach during registration?

- Your scanned certificate of registration

- Confirmation of Payment, if funds transferred online

- Online registration form

- Scanned Photo (passport size)

Please email it to indianhandtherapy@gmail.com 

When will we get examination form?

It will available on the website, https://hotc4u.tripod.com/isht

Where should we pay the fees?

One can pay the fees by Demand draft or through net banking. Demand Draft should be in favor of "Society for Hand Therapy" payable at Mumbai. 

Funds Transfer through Netbanking RTGS/NEFT facility). 

Account Number: ; 013110022586

Name of the Bank: Dena Bank; 

Branch:Juhu Vile Parle Branch; 




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Registered Office
B-302, Heritage Holy,
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